Highway 97 Express

Building on RapidBus Phase 1, which involved improving the network on the east side of Okanagan Lake since 2010, BC Transit enhanced the system on the west side of Okanagan Lake in 2014.

RapidBus improvements in West Kelowna included:

  • Construction of the Boucherie Mountain Exchange at Westgate Road, adjacent to Highway 97;
  • Construction of the Westbank Centre Exchange at Elliott Road between Main Street and Dobbin Road; and,
  • Construction of the Westlake/Hudson station on Highway 97.
Stops were also constructed in Westbank First Nation, along Highway 97, at Butt Road and near the Westside Road Interchange.

Project Overview

Phase 2 and 3 improvements have enhanced users' experiences by offering:

  • Branded shelters
  • Enhanced bus service
  • Passenger information displays
To learn more about RapidBus expansion and enhancements, please visit the BC Transit website.

The development of the transit exchanges supported Council's Strategic Priorities of revitalizing Westbank Centre and enhancing Boucherie Centre and the adjacent West Kelowna Industrial Park.

Council's Strategic Priorities

Westbank Centre

Council has called for accelerated development of the Westbank Centre and the creation of vitalization opportunities. To date, this has occurred through investments such as:

  • Conducting a Municipal Hall Market Sounding process;
  • Designing and constructing phased improvements at Memorial Park;
  • Designing and constructing phased street-level improvements on Brown Road;
  • Enhancing Music in the Park programming at Memorial Park;
  • Reducing Development Cost Charges to encourage development;
  • Seeking a final resolution on the options for Highway 97 Couplet (Dobbin Road and Main Street) realignment; and,
  • Working with BC Transit to consult the public on design and construction of Westbank Transit Exchange at Highway 97 and Elliott Road.
West Kelowna Industrial Park

Council is committed to support and enhance the West Kelowna Industrial Park and nurture and encourage industries, by:

  • Branding and marketing the industrial area in consultation with property owners;
  • Hosting a manufacturers' Round Table with Council event;
  • Investigating the feasibility of constructing a public works yard in the vicinity of Bartley Road;
  • Investigating streetscape improvement options and improved signage options; and,
  • Working with BC Transit to consult the public on design and construction of the Boucherie Mountain Transit Exchange at Highway 97 and Westgate Road.
Visit our Council's Strategic Priorities page for additional information.