Transportation Management

Moving in the Right Direction

The City of West Kelowna places a high priority on transportation and prefers multi-modal solutions that account for the needs of vehicles, transit, pedestrians and cyclists in its transportation planning and projects.
A road winding through a wooded area - CWK Image
Council appropriates funding to ensure that the road network is maintained and upgraded to meet current municipal standards and to address related issues such as traffic calming and safety.

Road Standards

The City of West Kelowna's Transportation Master Plan was adopted in January 2014 and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan in February 2016.

The Transportation Plan contains road classifications for the city's streets, takes stock of West Kelowna's assets, recommends short, medium and long term projects with cost estimates, and suggests means of providing infrastructure for other modes of transportation besides the single-occupant vehicle.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan expands on the work of the Transportation Master Plan and also recommends projects, with cost estimates, for the short, medium and long terms.

Traffic Calming

In an effort to address changes in transportation patterns, the municipality may consider traffic calming as one possible option.

To this end, Council has also adopted a Traffic Calming Policy, which identifies means and methods of determining traffic management options in specified areas.