Asphalt & Gravel Maintenance

Street Care

West Kelowna's Roads Department oversees the maintenance of all public roads within the municipal boundary. If you have a road maintenance issue or inquiry, please email us at:

Most maintenance work is contracted out to private companies who handle such things as snow and ice control, pothole patching and street sweeping. We work closely with our contractors to handle service requests.
Repaving Ponderosa Road - CWK Image

Report a Pothole

Potholes and Patching

Potholes are formed as a result of poor drainage, due to clay soils, and freeze and thaw cycles. Fractures in the pavement can also be caused by settling and heavy use. In the winter, temporary cold patch materials are used to fill the potholes to make the road safe. Once the hot mix asphalt plants open in the spring (usually around the middle of April) more permanent repairs can be completed.

About Summer Maintenance

In the warmer months crews turn their attention to routine repairs designed to keep roads in good shape and extend their life so that costlier rehabilitation projects can be avoided as long as possible. Eventually however, roads will need to be resurfaced as part of the annual Road Rehabilitation Program. The annual Road Rehabilitation Program is separate from summer asphalt and gravel maintenance services.