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1. How do I register to vote?
2. Does the City of West Kelowna keep a voter registration list?
3. How many voters are eligible to cast ballots in the City of West Kelowna?
4. What if I require assistance to vote?
5. If I own more than one piece of property in West Kelowna, may I vote more than once?
6. If I live outside West Kelowna but own a property in West Kelowna, may I vote?
7. Do nonresident property owners register the same way?
8. What if I own a property with someone else and that person is living on the property and I am not?
9. Can I vote online?
10. Can I vote if I work or own a business in West Kelowna, but do not live in the municipality?
11. Can I run for Mayor or Council if I live outside the City of West Kelowna?
12. How much time must I commit if I am elected as mayor or councillor?
13. Why are local elections held every four years?
14. Is there anyone who cannot vote in a local election?