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1. Am I eligible for the Provincial Home Owner Grant (HOG) which is now called the Northern and Rural Area Home Owner Benefit?
2. Should I send the provincial home owner grant directly to the Home Owner Grant Administration Office or Rural Tax Office (Surveyor of Taxes) directly in Victoria?
3. If a spouse has passed away and the deceased person was a senior, but the surviving partner is not, what HOG options apply?
4. My mortgage company / bank pays the property taxes on my behalf. Do I still need to claim the HOG?
5. Can I still apply for the provincial HOG without making a payment?
6. I am going to be 65 after the tax due date in July indicated on the tax notice, can I claim the senior grant (column C in tax notice)?
7. I have a disability; do I get an additional home owner grant?
8. I have lived in my current residence for many years but have never applied for the provincial HOG. Can I claim the home owner grant for prior years?
9. I own a house in West Kelowna and my son / daughter lives at the civic address. Can he / she claim the grant?
10. If I am selling my home, who should apply for the provincial HOG? If a property is sold, who applies for the grant?
11. If the owner recently died, can I still apply for the provincial HOG?