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Customer Service Survey

  1. Have you completed this survey before?

  2. If you answered yes, would you agree that service has improved since the last time you completed the survey?

  3. How did you contact Development Services staff?

  4. In what capacity were you dealing with Development Services staff?

  5. Please indicate the type of application(s) that you have submitted to the District of West Kelowna in the last 12 months.

    Please check all that apply.

  6. For how many years have you been submitting development-related applications to the District of West Kelowna?

  7. Did you have a preapplication meeting with staff?

  8. Is your relationship with District of West Kelowna staff improving?

  9. Staff demonstrated a high level of professionalism and courtesy.

  10. Staff was knowledgeable.

  11. Staff explained how and where to obtain the necessary information required for your application.

  12. Staff communicated the application requirements at an early stage in the review process.

  13. You received the information you were looking for.

  14. Overall, I was happy with the service received.

  15. Your application was reviewed within the timeline estimated at the beginning of the application process.

  16. Staff returned your emails or phone calls within 48 hours.

  17. Process Related Feedback

    "Process" refers to the prescribed steps taken to review your application.

    The process begins when the District of West Kelowna is first contacted regarding an application and is complete when the municipality closes the file.

    Active participants in the process include the applicant and District of West Kelowna Staff.

  18. You were given the help and advice you needed as your application was processed.

  19. You were kept informed throughout the applications process.

  20. You were provided information in a complete, accurate and understandable manner.

  21. You understood the reasons for the decision(s) made regarding your application.

  22. Application Form Feedback

  23. The application form was clear and concise.

  24. The application form plainly stated the information required, if any, to be processed.

  25. General Comments

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