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Agricultural Worker Dwelling Survey

  1. The City of West Kelowna is currently reviewing and drafting potential changes to the Zoning Bylaw with respect to agricultural worker dwellings in our community. Please take a moment to complete this survey to provide feedback on the potential changes.

  2. Please complete our online survey by March 9. Paper copies can also be picked up at and returned to City Hall, 2760 Cameron Road, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 2T6. Please ensure surveys are received by March 9 either by mail, in person, by fax to 778-797-1001 or via email to

  3. Where to you live?

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  4. What is your interest in the proposed changes?

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  5. Do you currently provide housing for workers on agricultural or rural property?

  6. Should kitchens showers and washrooms be provided for all workers?

    Currently, the Zoning Bylaw does not require the provision of washrooms, showers, or kitchens for temporary agricultural worker dwellings in the form of tents and/or recreational vehicles. Do you support the inclusion of requirements for washrooms, showers and kitchens in the Zoning Bylaw for tents and RV accommodation for agricultural workers?

  7. How many temporary dwellings should be permitted on agricultural/rural properties?

    Under current zoning regulations, the maximum number of temporary agricultural worker dwellings is regulated by a minimum parcel size. The minimum threshold to obtain permission for a temporary agricultural dwelling is 3.8 ha (9.4 acres). ). Interest exists to reduce this parcel size requirement to better address newer, more efficient and intensive agricultural practices. Do you support lowering this threshold (in the form of semi-permanent buildings only) to 2.0 ha (4.9 acres) to allow one temporary agricultural dwelling? Note: there is currently no minimum size requirement in the Zoning Bylaw for tents and/or recreational vehicles.

  8. Should agricultural operators be able to combine parcel areas to increase the number of permitted temporary dwellings?

    Each individual parcel must meet the minimum size requirement in order to permit temporary agricultural worker dwellings. Proposed bylaw changes may allow producers with multiple parcels in a single farming operation, within city limits, to combine their parcel area to achieve the minimum parcel size to allow dwellings. Would you support amendments that allowed owners or lessees to combine parcel areas, being farmed as one operation, so that they could to obtain permission for temporary agricultural worker dwellings?

  9. Should occupancy terms be lengthened for temporary agricultural housing?

    The current Zoning Bylaw states that temporary agricultural worker dwellings can only be occupied eight months in one calendar year. This does not apply to permanent agricultural worker dwellings. Interest may exist to increase the maximum permissible time of occupancy to better meet the needs of farm operators who are starting earlier and running longer with modern aids and new harvesting practices. Would you support increasing the allowable time of occupancy for temporary agricultural worker dwellings to a maximum of 10 months, for workers housed in permanent and semi-permanent buildings, and keeping the requirement for tents to a maximum of 8 months?

  10. The information gathered will be used to help inform potential amendments for Council’s consideration in the coming months. Council meeting agendas can be accessed at For more information, please contact the City of West Kelowna's Development Services Division by calling 778-797-8830 or emailing at

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