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Development Services Customer Service Survey


  1. 1. General Questions
  2. 2. Service Related Feedback
  3. 3. General Comments
  • General Questions

    1. 1. Have you completed the survey before?*

    2. 2. If you answered yes, would you agree that service has improved since the last time you completed the survey?

    3. 3. How did you contact Development Services staff?

    4. 4. What type(s) of application(s) were you applying for?

      Select all that apply.

    5. 5. In what capacity were you dealing with Development Services staff?

    6. 6. For how many years have you been submitting development related applications to the City of West Kelowna?

    7. 7. Did you have a pre-application meeting with staff?

    8. 8. Is your relationship with City of West Kelowna staff improving?