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Secondary Suite Eligibility Survey

  1. 1. Is your property zoned R1, RU1, RU2, RU3, RU4, RU5, RU6, A1, or a zone with an "s" designation?*

    (Contact the Planning Department to confirm your land use zone.)

  2. 2. Is the minimum lot size of your property 700m2 (0.17 acres)?

  3. 3. Will the proposed suite be fully contained within the primary dwelling?

  4. 4. Will the proposed suite exceed 968ft2?

  5. 5. Can one additional parking space be provided (must be located on the property) for each bedroom within the secondary suite (tandem parking is permitted)?

  6. 6. Will there be independent access and egress to the secondary suite that is located on a separate exterior wall from the primary dwelling unit access?

  7. 7. Is the property connected to community sewer?

  8. 8. Will the property owner occupy either the primary dwelling unit or the secondary suite?

  9. 9. Will the suite be accessed by a public road?

    (A public road is not an easement, right of way or a strata road.)

  10. 10. Will the suite be used for tourist or short term accommodation less than 30 days?

  11. 11. Are there plans to operate a Bed and Breakfast in conjunction with a secondary suite?

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