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1. What period does the Property Tax Notice cover?
2. When are property taxes due in 2016?
3. What if I don't pay on time?
4. What is the penalty for paying taxes late?
5. I just received a tax notice for a house that I sold. What should I do?
6. Can I pay my taxes using a post-dated cheque?
7. I can only pay part of my taxes, what should I do?
8. The tax notice for my property is not in my name. Who pays the tax notice?
9. My bank or mortgage company pays my taxes. Should I send my Provincial HOG application to my financial institution?
10. My financial institution pays my taxes. Why do I still receive a tax bill?
11. More than one individual owns the property and every property owner received a tax notice. Does every property tax owner have to pay?
12. The property taxes were paid by the lawyer. What do I need to do?